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Actin — Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Robotic systems, ROVs, and AUVs with Actin™ are environmentally aware with fast, fluid control driven by integrated machine vision and other sensors to automatically adapt their programmed task with reactive motions and avoid interruptions. 

Instead of a robot stopping when a collision occurs or missing its target due to unanticipated motion, Actin™ adapts to these stimulus and automatically provides dynamic online control to avoid them before they occur, correcting the robotic motion instantly to 
complete the commanded task sequence.
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Offline Programming (OLP) and real-time motion compensation for free-floating manipulation.

Actin™ responds and adapts in real time, adjusting its paths based on the perceived environment. However, In real-world applications perfect accuracy isn't always needed. Actin allows users to optimize motion design for speed, strength, and collision avoidance.


With the Actin™ C++ control toolkit, roboticists are free to focus on what the robot does and where the hands and tools should be, not on how they get there. Actin™ automatically takes advantage of kinematic redundancy for robot collision avoidance, joint limitation avoidance, minimized motion, and optimized strength in robotic control.


  • Collision Avoidance
  • Joint Limit Avoidance
  • Singularity Avoidance
  • Strength Optimization
  • Kinetic Energy Control
  • Potential Energy Control
  • Simulation-Based Control
  • Error Reduction
  • Failure Recovery
  • User Defined


  • 3D Point
  • 3D Orientation
  • 3D Pose
  • 2D Point
  • Planar
  • Tracked Motion
  • Wheeled Motion
  • Thrusted Motion
  • Center of Mass
  • Linear Constraint
  • Spatial Momentum

With native C++ support, Actin™ includes a Python interface, connects across networks using Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-Time Systems, and is extensible through a powerful API that allows control customization, simulation, and human interfacing for programming and supervisory control. 

To enable multiple robot arms operating in the same workspace, prioritization, collision avoidance, provide operators with the tools they need for complex tasking. Coordinated robotic operation can be sequenced with an easy graphical interface made possible only through Actin’s algorithmic tools.

Actin™ can import models from CAD formats and includes a plug-in for SolidWorks. Actin™ can control virtually any robotic mechanism—both off the shelf and custom. Actin™ executables can be accessed directly or via network interfaces. Actin™ is a cross-platform solution supporting Windows, Linux, OS X, and VxWorks

DYNAMIC DRIVE™ is an ultra-intuitive and immersive kinematic Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Actin™ Software.

Contact us to find out how to put Actin™ 4.0 and DYNAMIC DRIVE™ to work for your robotics applications.