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Oceaneering Reveals Their New ROV: NEXXUS

posted Feb 15, 2015, 7:54 AM by Daniel Dockter   [ updated Oct 7, 2015, 4:41 AM ]

Oceaneering ROV Systems has added a new higher-power ROV: NEXXUS.

The renderings and animation below show the new API 53 compliant NEXXUS ROV configured with two Atlas 7 Manipulators, each equipped with parallel style grippers. The actual photos show the port manipulator to be an Atlas 7R (rate controlled) manipulator equipped with a claw type gripper. The starboard manipulator is an Atlas 7H (Hybrid) and is equipped with a sensor package containing a light, laser, and camera. The Atlas 7H (Hybrid) is capable of position and rate control modes with 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) in addition to the End Effector operation and is currently the most powerful hydraulic position control-capable manipulator in use by the subsea industry. 

As ROV automation and subsea interface standardization continue to develop, ROV and AUV configurations with multiple position controlled manipulators will likely become common. These ultra dextrous ROVs and AUVs will be well-suited for the next generation of subsea intervention: Automation

For more information, visit our Dynamic Drive™ and ROV technology pages or follow the links below.

20150504 Oceaneering NEXXUS ROV
Oceaneering NEXXUS ROV (OTC2015)
OTC2015 NEXXUS Sensor Package
Oceaneering NEXXUS ROV