Control Interfaces — DYNAMIC DRIVE™

S A F E T Y    I N    E V E R Y    E N D E A V O R


Offline Programming (OLP) — Dynamical User Interfaces

The Ability to Create, Use, and Improve Tools is an Important Part of What Makes Us Human

Every tool conceived by a human reflects an effort to overcome a problem. As a problem's complexity increases or is identified, so does the tendency of the solution to become more complex. Control Interfaces LLC maintains that the simplest solutions are usually the best; however, both simplicity and complexity are relative. Thorough organization and the appropriate systems and processes are key to developing tooling that provide the best solutions. We strive first to understand the problem to identify interdependent needs and how they might impact customer requirements. The pragmatism and diligence emphasized in this approach enable the user to maintain the maximum number of options throughout a project. 

Control Interfaces LLC specializes in intuitive and durable systems to continuously improve human and machine interaction. The company is comprised of design, engineering, and fabrication stand-outs with backgrounds in complex fields, including automotive manufacturing, aerospace, hydrospace, and energy.

ROV Intervention Technology — Free-Floating Automation Technology

Control Interfaces LLC combines experience from the subsea oil and gas industry, International Space Station assembly and repair training operations, and energy industry technology development, to engineer solutions, for extreme environment robotics, through the delivery of hardware, services, and technology licensing.

Human-to-machine/Machine-to-machine control